The Brand New POPULAR Dog-breed: Shih Poo

The Shih Poo dogs with cute eyes possess a face like a shihtzu and curly hair just like a poodle. They're an breed that is suitable for kids and can be friends with other animals. As a dog that is loyal , they make a good guard dog but in addition they need grooming attention owing to its own hair. Such a breed of dog appreciates getting quite a lot of attention and can be kept with no worries within a apartment.

Shih Poo

Since shih-poo was originally bred to be tiny in size, their weights and size are also less. They burden between a range of 7-20 lbs and their weights and sizes would depend tremendously on just how large or small their parents were. Their height ranges from 8 13 inches. They have been distinctive with their coats within another range of colors which include black, red, cream, black, tan, apricot , and sable. Their fur will be short and curled straight and as a poodle's or long just like a Shih Tzu's.

When it comes to what to eat, Shih Poo has a list which can be exacting. They require good grade of dogfood that is dry as they're exposed to issue as a result of their crossbreed. The operator must be cautious in their propensity for over eating in order to ensure that their well-being does not influence and make any health issue. Along side dental issue, they are also regarded as vulnerable to diseases such as dysplasia, arthritis, along with disk disease. To acquire supplementary information on Shih Poo please visit Dog Breeds .

Shih Poo

There are several facets to be kept in mind. Their life span is not accurate but for the time being breeders estimate the normal shih-poo lifespan to be between 10-15 decades.

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